Health & Healing

Malone Health & Healing Program

Health & Healing Program

Malone Health & Healing is a new program that focuses on expanding the overall wellbeing of our community by promoting generational growth and empowerment counseling in a collaborative and encouraging environment.

The Malone Health & Healing team of Family Engagement Specialists works with families to create an individualized journey for each family member who is enrolled in our program. Our work ensures family members get the education and empowerment they need to grow, and make the life changes they are seeking. We are guided along this journey with our clients using our very own GREW (Growth Recovery Empowerment and Wellbeing) Map. This process addresses important health issues such as mental health, recovery, chronic disease, access to healthcare and more. Additionally, we hold health educational events and empowerment counseling for our community with local partners.

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Meet the Team

Presenting The Malone Health & Healing team…

Christiana Vermeline

Director of Community Health & Outreach

Victoria Edmond

Community Health Advocate

Erica Craig

Family Engagement Specialist

Erika Hamilton

Family Engagement Specialist

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