To create unity and a mindset for prosperity throughout Lincoln while honoring our African American heritage.


Malone programs and services are designed to help achieve our mission to eliminate multigenerational poverty in Lincoln.

Malone was founded in 1955 through a reorganization of the Lincoln Urban league. The league founders were determined to improve social and economic conditions and increase understanding between all races.

For the last 66 years Malone has served neighboring families, youth, and the Lincoln community with inclusive, social, cultural, educational, employment and welfare services. With our active support against poverty and our vision to create unity and a prosperity consciousness in Lincoln, we are constantly re-evaluating our programs to ensure the current needs of the community are being met.



Malone Board members envision and direct our progress.

Connie Duncan | Malone Center Board Member

Connie Duncan

Board President

Grant Schumacher | Malone Center Board Member

Grant Schumacher


Lameakia Collier | Malone Center Board Member

Lameakia Collier

Board Member

Female Staff Person - The Malone

Amy Hunt

Board Member

Male Staff Person - The Malone

Tony Roebuck

Board Member

Dr. Charlene Maxie-Harris | Malone Center Board Member

Dr. Charlene Maxey-Harris

Vice President

Jonny Alexander | Malone Center Board Member

Jonny Alexander

Board Member

Male Staff Person - The Malone

Mike Demps

Board Member

Kelsey Liddy | Malone Center Board Member

Kelsey Liddy

Board Member

Jasmine Kingsley | Malone Center Board Member

Jasmine Kingsley


Tim Clare | Malone Center Board Member

Tim Clare

Board Member

Leon Holloway | Malone Center Board Member

Leon Holloway

Board Member

Female Staff Person - The Malone

Deb Mullen

Board Member


The Malone staff and team members are a group of passionate professionals who tirelessly deliver for our community.

John Goodwin, Executive Director - The Malone Center

John Goodwin

Executive Director

Michael Hunter | The Malone Center

Michael Hunter

Athletic Director

Christiana Vermeline | The Malone Center

Christiana Vermeline

Director of Community Health & Outreach

Jillian Boldt | The Malone Center

Jillian Boldt

Director of Malone Maternal Wellness

Laura McCulley, Grant Manager - The Malone Center

Laura McCulley

Grant Manager

Tyrina Webster, Director of Operations - The Malone Center

Tyrina Webster

Director of Operations

Karla Brown, Director of Youth Programs - The Malone Center

Karla Brown

Director of Youth Programs

Ishma Valenti | The Malone Center

Ishma Valenti

Director of Teen Programming