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Early Achievers Academy

The Malone Early Achievers Academy is a full-day high-quality local preschool program that serves children in the Malone area community.

The mission of the Malone Center Early Achievers Academy is to create opportunities and experiences by providing high-quality preschool enrichment programs and early education to low-income families. In our effort to close the income achievement gap, we are committed to ensuring our 3-5-year-old students are prepared to succeed in kindergarten and beyond.

We provide a developmentally appropriate environment for children using what is considered best practice based on the latest research in the field developed in partnership with the University of Nebraska. We plan our pre kindy program activities for the children based on their interests and needs using documentation and observations of each child. Using these tools, we develop an individualized education plan; set goals, and conference with parents with the goal of having each child fully prepared for the demands of kindergarten.

  • During 2022, enrollment in the program increased from 9 students to 19 full and part time students.
  • In August 2022 thirteen students graduated to Kindergarten.
  • This year we also created a partnership with Educare. Educare helps to provide valuable resources to students and their families. They also provided professional development opportunities for staff.
  • Our Early Achiever’s participated in Nebraska’s Department of Education’s Harvest of the Month. This program provided fruits and vegetables that were delivered fresh from local farmers once a month.

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